Premium viewing experience with advanced technology.

Samsung has launched its latest range of TVs, the MU series, featuring strong brightness levels, curved and flat panel designs, the Samsung One Remote, and is available in display sizes from 43-inch up to 82-inch.

Samsung Australia vice president of consumer electronics, Carl Rose said, “Samsung strives to deliver the best possible premium TV experience that meets the need of our Australian customers and we are doing this by giving more people access to the latest in Samsung panel innovation, features, and design with the MU Series.

Samsung MU6100 TV

“In addition to incredible picture quality, our research tells us 38% of Australians are seeking larger TV screens, with the majority of these people (63%) wanting a screen larger than 55 inches. That is why we continue to invest in offering a great UHD experience in large formats within the MU Series.”

The One Remote Control means users can control all compatible devices including video game consoles, set top boxes, UHD Blu-ray players, and more. Furthermore, Samsung TV Smart Hub offers a quick and easy-to-navigate way of accessing Netflix, Stan, YouTube and more from one place.

Selected TVs in the MU Series offer Samsung’s latest cable management system, first showcased across the QLED range, designed to help reduce clutter associated with wires from multiple audio visual sources.

Samsung MU9000 TV

Ultra slim design is introduced to the range with the MU6400. The flat MU7000 has an integrated TV stand cable management system designed to disguise cable mess inside the panel’s support. The MU8000 is the curved counterpart to the MU7000, while the flagship MU9000 also includes Samsung’s Ultra Black technology to help reduce screen glare and reflections.


Premium UHD TV (Curved)

MU9000 65-inch TV – RRP $4,699

MU9000 55-inch TV – RRP $3,299

Premium UHD TV (Curved)

MU8000 65-inch TV – RRP $4,399

MU8000 55-inch TV – RRP $3,099

Premium UHD TV (Flat)

MU7000 82-inch TV – RRP TBC

MU7000 75-inch TV – RRP $7,499

MU7000 65-inch TV – RRP $4,199

MU7000 55-inch TV – RRP $2,899

UHD TV (Flat)

MU6400 65-inch TV – RRP $3,549

MU6400 55-inch TV – RRP $2,449

UHD TV (Curved)

MU6300 65-inch TV – RRP $3,399

MU6300 55-inch TV – RRP $2,299

UHD TV (Flat)

MU6100 75-inch TV – RRP TBC

MU6100 65-inch TV – RRP $3,299

MU6100 55-inch TV – RRP $2,199

MU6100 50-inch TV – RRP $1,899

MU6100 43-inch TV – RRP $1,399