Industry-leading performance.

Samsung is meeting demand for faster data transfers and sustainable high performance, as file sizes continue to increase with high-resolution and photos and 4K videos, with its new 860 PRO and 860 EVO solid state drives (SSDs).

The SSDs have been designed for various applications from everyday computing to heavy workloads and graphic-intensive operations with enhanced speed, reliability, compatibility and capacity. The Samsung 860 PRO and 860 EVO support up to 560 MB/s read and 530 MB/s write speeds with an upgraded five-year limited warranty. The new MJX controller also enables faster communication with the host system.

Samsung Electronics Australia director for enterprise and small medium business, Paul Sharpe said, “Now more than ever before, Australians are seeking high performance technology to power faster data transfers for all their computing needs. Whether gaming, editing, or simply maintaining a stable workflow, Samsung’s SSD 860 PRO and EVO delivers consistency at incredible speeds and is designed to meet the needs of those who require the best possible performance.

“Combining improved speed, compatibility and capacity with lower power consumption, Australians can enjoy the SSD 860 PRO and EVO’s fast, reliable performance across various applications. The 860 PRO and EVO in Australia break new ground for our SSD portfolio and illustrate Samsung’s determination to drive meaningful innovation across our memory range.”

The SSD 860 PRO and EVO are priced from RRP $209 and RRP $149 respectively and will be available at selected IT resellers.