Three month campaign.

Samsung Electronics Australia is rewarding customers with up to $250 cash back with the purchase of an eligible AddWash™ or DualWash™ Samsung washing machine from a participating retailer from now until October 3, 2017.

AddWash™ washing machines allow consumers to add forgotten or extra laundry once a wash cycle has started without having to open the ‘main’ door or drain the drum (if the temperature inside the drum is below 50 degrees Celsius and the drum has stopped spinning). Consumers can simply pause the cycle and open the convenient Add Door on the front of the machine to add items during the wash cycle.

Aiming to save both space and time, the Activ DualWash™ features a built-in sink that makes it easy for consumers to hand-wash delicate items and target stains on their garments, before adding them to the wash cycle.

Cashback promotion rates and models

  • $250 cash back (13kg-16kg WD13J7825KP, WA13M8700GV, WA13M8700GW, WD16J9845KG, WF16J9800KV)
  • $150 cash back (10kg-11kg WA10J7750GW1, WW11K8412OW, WA11M8700GV, WA11M8700GW)
  • $75 cash back 8.5kg (WD85K6410OW, WW85K5410WW, WW85K6410QX)