Responding to customer feedback.

At the local launch of the Samsung 2018 TV range, vice president of consumer electronics, Carl Rose explained that the range is a clear representation of a commitment to pushing the category forward, as a result of an immense investment in listening to Australian consumers and understanding their lifestyles.

“In turn, we have responded with an array of technology and products that support their passion points – sports, movies or games. The products and experiences continue Samsung’s journey of transforming the role of the TV in the home and challenge what consumers expect from their home entertainment technology.

“Last year, we broke new ground in QLED and The Frame, along with an incredible audio range which has been very successful over the last 12 months. Each product provided an innovation – or fresh perspective – on the category.

“With a focus on curating bigger and better TVs, the range is built on a foundation of a constant improvement year-on-year in order to deliver the fundamentals – picture quality, brightness and stunning design.

“We know Australians are shopping for bigger televisions than ever before and they want them to be simple to set up, simple to operate, easy to connect to other technology and to look great in any room, regardless of room size. You can now watch a 75-inch screen from just 2.3 metres away.

“When the TV screens are not being used, their sheer scale often means you are just left with a black rectangle on your wall. Our TVs change that this year with Ambient Mode, an example of innovation and constant improvement, and for me, represents what sets Samsung apart.

“I would also like to mention, coming later in 2018, The Wall, with micro-LED technology. It is a modular screen that delivers incredible colour, amazing brightness and the purist blacks. We have no doubt it will produce the best TV screens ever seen.”

Redefining the TV through technology

Samsung Electronics Australia head of audio visual, Hass Mahdi also said Samsung is determined to build on innovation, based on feedback from our customers.

“When Australians tell us that they want more than just a screen, we deliver on that and redefine what the TV does and the role it plays in the home. When Australians tell us that they want larger TVs, we bring more large screens than we ever have before,” he said.

“We believe QLED technology delivers the best picture quality we have ever produced, especially on super large TVs. QLED technology is able to display over 1 billion shades of colour with incredible accuracy, offering total colour expression no matter how light or dark the scene may be. The introduction of Direct Full Array technology essentially controls the contrast dynamic of individual parts of the screen.

“QLED itself is inorganic which means it lasts longer than any other display material available. This means consumers do not need to worry about burn in or screen deterioration. Our TVs are designed to deliver consistent colour.

“Not only does our 2018 range introduce our biggest range and our best picture quality, these TVs are also our most stylish, not just in aesthetics but also the functional design, whether it’s on or off. We know that TVs are turned off 80 per cent of the time so we have developed innovative ways to make the TV useful even when it is turned off. Ambient Mode allows the TV to turn into an intelligent display as it replicates the pattern of the wall it is mounted on and shows information such as the weather, time, date and photos.

“In 2017, we introduced what we call One Clear Connection to remove cable clutter. In 2018, we have taken this to the next level by integrating power into the One Clear cable meaning the customer needs one single cable to connect the TV.

“This year marks a new era in intelligence with the TV taking centre stage as it enables consumers to monitor and control compatible devices and appliances via the SmartThings app platform,” he added.