Two new models.

Samsung will extend its soundbar range with two new models – the premium and wall-mountable NW700 Sound + and the mid-range Soundbar N650 – that were both unveiled at the 2018 Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Regional Forum in Rome, Italy.

The soundbars were developed at the company’s audio lab in California and US vice president of audio R&D, Allan Devantier (pictured) was in attendance at the Forum to discuss the technology behind the Soundbar N650 and the latest Acoustic Beam technology.

“The Soundbar N650 has high quality mid-rangers and tweeters to produce low colouration sound and natural, clear voices. It also has a six-inch woofer and dedicated centre channel to reach viewers who are sitting off centre of the soundbar. We have tapered the sound waves and they have been optimised with a computer for a strong response, as well as natural and smooth sound,” Devantier said.

“Most soundbars and speaker systems have a tweeter and a mid-range, that handle one-third of the sound and two-thirds of the sound, respectively. The crossover frequency is typically around 2,000 Khz. The wavelength at 2,000 Khz is short and is the same as the distance between the speakers. When the wavelength and distance is similar, you get constructive and destructive interference. This means for a viewer who is sitting directly in front of the soundbar, the sound is perfect but for someone sitting on the side, there is dips in the response due to interference. We moved the crossover down to 700 Khz, which makes the wavelength larger, meaning there will no longer be any interference,” he explained.

The Soundbar N650 offers Samsung’s patented Acoustic Beam technology, providing an immersive and panoramic experience thanks to dynamic sound rendering. The N650 soundbar features a Game Mode setting with optimised sounds specifically for gaming. It also includes Bluetooth for streaming music and can easily be connected to Samsung’s TVs.

Samsung Electronics Australia head of product, Hass Mahdi said, “With the launch of the Soundbar N650, Australian consumers will be able to enjoy incredible virtual surround sound.”

The NW700 Sound + soundbar sports a slim and sleek design, measuring just 53.5mm in width, optimised for wall mounting underneath the TV. Features include distortion-cancelling technology, wide-range tweeters, multi-speaker control and a built-in woofer, as well as seamless connectivity for consumers to stream music from anywhere in the home.

“The NW700 Sound + soundbar combines the powerful and refined sound quality Australians expect from Samsung home entertainment products with a beautiful design that fits seamlessly into any home environment,” Mahdi said.

Local release date and pricing will be announced closer to the launch later in 2018.

Appliance Retailer is attending the Southeast Asia and Oceania Regional Forum as a guest of Samsung.