Three-in-one laundry product.

At CES earlier this year, Samsung presented its next flagship product in the laundry category – the FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system. Now, Samsung has showcased the laundry unit at its Regional Forum in Singapore, customised to fit the needs of Australian consumers. It has a 2.5kg top load and 16kg capacity front load washer and dryer combo, all in one system, in addition to the AddWash feature first launched in 2016.

Commenting on its latest laundry unit, Samsung head of product for home appliances, Mike Lilly said: “Consumers can now wash their primary load in the front load compartment with the top load compartment designed for delicates, woollens or lightly soiled clothes that only require a quick wash, adding convenience and saving time. Our research tells us that 85% of Australian consumers will sort their washing before they wash, and therefore, they do a number of loads. This offers one connection with one hose for easy set up and installation.



“As a home appliance business we are committed to meaningful innovation, at both aspirational and affordable price points, and driving this down through the range. We are now spending a lot more time responding to customer wants and their pain points. Therefore, we really benefit from the research we conduct locally as it allows us to develop and customise our products to individual markets,” he told Appliance Retailer.

“Washing is a chore so AddWash addressed the pain point of forgetting something and having to wait two hours for the cycle to finish and then wash it. Now we are taking that to the next level with FlexWash because you can now do two loads at the same time,” he added.

The FlexWash is expected to launch in Q4 2017 with pricing yet to be confirmed. The AddWash line-up will also be expanding this year with further details to be announced at a later date.