Through research findings.

It comes as no surprise that Australian consumers dislike chores and according to findings from the Australians@Home 2.0 research conducted by Samsung, three in four consumers want their home appliances to help them manage or do their chores more efficiently.

Samsung director of home appliances, Jeremy Senior said, “The pressures and demands of day-to-day life are constantly changing around us and can vary across households. It’s immensely important for Samsung to understand how our technology can support the evolving needs of the home, as well as select, calibrate and design product features for Australia.

“The 2017 research has given us further insight into how we as a nation are living and has shown how home appliances and technology can help play a role in supporting Australian lives.”

A key finding from the research was that 72% of respondents are interested in a fridge that notifies them when food is close to its use-by date or suggests when foods are running out (67%). Furthermore, Australian consumers value healthy, fresh, home-cooked foods; 69% think it’s important to cook with fresh ingredients and 67% think it’s important to prepare home cooked meals.

Despite this, Australians are wasting an average of $1,185 worth of food annually, with large households and young millennials wasting over $40 worth of food weekly. The majority of Australians (70%) do multiple shops per week, with 51% of them believing that this will help reduce food wastage.

Samsung is committed to combatting food wastage with its Family Hub refrigerator, thanks to its food reminder applications and in-built cameras, as well as its recently launched layered steel flat door French Door, which features a smart flexible entertainer’s drawer and separate cooling systems with Twin Cooling Plus technology.

The research also found that some Australians dislike vacuuming (28%), but 29% of us vacuum multiple times a week and 20% own multiple vacuum cleaners with the key pain points being: effects don’t last long (36%), noise level (33%), time consuming (29%) and it hurts my back (28%).

Enter Samsung Powerbot robotic vacuum cleaners with Real Suction 1.0, Edge Clean Master, Visionary Mapping Plus, up to 60 minutes run time and Wi-Fi capability.

The Australians@Home 2.0 research explores the common pain points experienced in homes, focusing on behaviours and attitudes along with the changing role of appliances.