Samsung Electronics Australia has launched two new air purifiers, the Bespoke Cube AX53 and Bespoke Cube AX70.

The Bespoke Cube Air Purifiers offer a HEPA filtration system that removes up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛ ultra-fine dust and allows consumers to monitor and control air quality at home or remotely with Wi-Fi control and the SmartThings mobile app.

The air purifiers deliver a unique design with a herringbone pattern, contemporary front panel and neutral champagne and white colours to blend with any interior style.

The Bespoke Cube AX53 offers up to 53m2 of coverage, while the Bespoke Cube AX70 offers 70m2 of coverage and concealed wheels to easily be moved between spaces in the home.

The powerful HEPA filtration system comes with a double pre-filter to help capture fine and large dust particles, as well as an additional layer of filtration designed to remove soft pet hair and reduce unpleasant odours. WindFree mode helps purify an indoor space with less noise and almost no direct draft.

With 3D Surround air purification, five-way suction draws in air from all directions – up, down, left, right and back, while the three-way Smart Discharge System analyses the air quality and automatically controls the flow of purified air.

“As more Australians become aware of the importance of air quality, they no longer need to choose between function and design when purchasing their new Bespoke air purifier,” Samsung Electronics Australia vice president of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said.

“We are excited to extend our line-up of air purifiers in Australia with these two new models, which also expand the range of Bespoke home appliances. Bespoke represents more than a range of beautifully designed products that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

“At Samsung, we strive to understand our customers, their passions and values and translate those into products and services that deliver meaningful value. With our Bespoke range, we aspire to create intelligent technologies that enable endless experiences, personalised to fit every individual’s always-evolving lifestyle, preferences and needs.”

The Bespoke Cube AX53 and Bespoke Cube AX70 are now available for RRP $1,299 and $1,699 in selected Harvey Norman stores and the Samsung online store.