Samsung Electronics Australia is expanding its Smart AI laundry range with the addition of three smart washing machines and three smart heat pump dryers in a new black colour.

The new front load washing machines are available in 8.5kg, 12kg and 16kg capacities with RRPs starting from $999 and the new heat pump dryers are available in 8kg, 9kg and 10kg variants from RRP $1,599.

Samsung research indicates that 60% of Australian consumers wish they had a nicer laundry so the new colour option provides choice for those wanting to spruce up the laundry and create a flow-on with the overall home aesthetic, according to Samsung Australia director of home appliances, Andrew Wand.

“We recognise that Australians are taking more pride in their homes and placing a higher value on style when looking to renovate. Often the forgotten room of the house, the laundry can be just as stylish as the kitchen or bathroom,” he said.

A recent washing behaviour online survey found that on average, people only use 3.7 of 14 wash cycle options and are actively seeking intelligent and intuitive laundry solutions that make doing the laundry quick and simple.

Samsung’s Smart AI is designed to learn, remember, and recommend the most effective wash cycle by analysing washing habits to evolve from the default sequence.

Using the AI Wash feature, four built-in sensors determine the level of soiling and laundry weight to optimise the amount of water, detergent and rinse time. When connected to a smart heat pump dryer, the Auto Cycle Link automatically picks up the correct cycle from the washing machine and adjusts the settings accordingly.

Those looking to save time can use the Super Speed Wash and Super Dry cycles. In two hours, a mixed load of up to 5kg can be washed (39 minutes) and dried (81 minutes). QuickDrive technology reduces wash time by up to 50% without compromising on performance.

The washing machine range offers the AddWash feature to add forgotten clothing or fabric softener after a wash cycle has started and Hygiene Steam feature to sanitise and clean clothes by attacking germs to reduce up to 99.9% of certain bacteria.

The smart heat pump dryers feature AI Dry System that uses up to nine sensors to monitor temperature and humidity levels in the drum and intelligently adjust drying time. The range boasts a 9-star energy rating and is backed by an 11-year warranty on the digital inverter technology.

Compatible with the SmartThings app, users can control laundry settings from their smartphone with intelligent location-based recommendations.