Controlled via smartphone.

The new IXL Fresco Aurora from Sampford IXL provides a unique combination of radiant warmth, mood lighting and task lighting all controlled via a smartphone app or optional remote control.

The heater creates the optimal level of warmth via two types of internal reflectors that radiate heat evenly and effectively to maximise comfort with Halo Heat technology. Rapid heat is delivered via two, one-thousand-watt carbon fibre medium-wave infrared lamps, which provides even distribution of warmth in two heat settings.

Highly efficient reflectors direct 95% of heat downwards, so ambient warmth is absorbed by people and objects and is not affected by wind gusts. Utilise the included timer function to automatically turn off the unit.

With numerous lighting options, the Fresco Aurora puts the user in control of ambience and functionality. The LED task strip lighting illuminates space in low light situations, delivering long-lasting and consistent light, when required. A mood lighting option allows users to custom design their own lighting to suit their space.