By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Panasonic has confirmed it will use OLED in the future to replace LCD screens, saying LCD technology had a limit to which it could be developed.

Speaking to, visiting Panasonic Japan visual products and display devices business senior vice president and director, Masaaki Fujita, said while he did not know for certain which technology would survive out of LCD, plasma and OLED, plasma’s inherent qualities would mean it could continue to be developed, while LCD could not.

“We really don’t know which technology will survive [the OLED, LCD and plasma battle]. However, plasma’s self illuminating properties and the lack of a backlight, as well as its low production costs and ability to be produced in large sizes, means we see plasma continuing to be a viable technology for large screen sizes.

“And, while there have been advances in LCD technology, the need for a backlight means there will be a limit to the technology eventually. As a result, we see OLED taking over in the future.”

Fujita’s comments come despite Panasonic’s commitment to a new IPS Alpha LCD panel factory in Himeji city, due to commence production in 2010.

And, while a Panasonic spokesperson in Tokyo confirmed to in February that OLED production lines would begin operating after the LCD lines were in full operation, Fujita confirmed OLED development would “start in 2010, but production timing is not fixed yet”.

Fujita said regardless of the screen technology, Panasonic’s ‘black box’ processing technology, used in its plasma displays will continue, and Panasonic would extend its development into LCD televisions and later, OLED.