By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Philips have announced the June release of two new micro DVD theatre products — the MCD289 and MCD177. Wireless subwoofers and wall mounting of the home theatre unit are key features in the range.

The MCD289 features a digital wireless subwoofer, 12-bit/108Mhz video processing, Progressive Scan for images and Dolby Digital sound reproduction and 100W RMS.

The USB-based functionality enables playback in all the major current formats. Whilst the choice of colour is limited, with only black available, the system comes with a choice of peripheral features including a radio alarm, FM antennae and 47-key remote control.

Intended to be mounted on the wall and for use with other Philips products, the MCD289 was designed to be a one-stop solution for all music, movie and image viewing needs. It offers a wide range of connectivity options, from the most basic coaxial to USB.

The second release from Philips is a more traditional model, the MCD177. The most obvious difference is the missing subwoofer, with playback delivered through 2x20W RMS. Aside from this major hardware deficiency, the specifications are virtually similar. There is a colour change, however, with the cheaper option sporting an elegant wood finish.

The suggested retail price for the Philips MCD289 is $419.95, with the MCD177 almost half that figure at $219.95. Both are due on the retail floor in June 2008.