By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: LG has designed and developed a new vacuum cleaner, the LG Kompressor, which gathers and compresses dust and waste as it goes, aiding in the disposal of dirt and help to reduce ‘flyaway’ dust.

An extension of the Allergy Care series, the LG Kompressor (RRP $874) will be available in late July and is based on LG’s extensive research which shows that disposal of the waste from vacuuming can seriously irritate asthma and allergy sufferers.

In order to compensate and reduce dust particles in the air, a motorised compression paddle begins to compress the dust it collects into firm compacted ‘dust cakes’ as soon as the Kompressor is switched on.

“By compacting dust into firm blocks users are no longer subject to the dust cloud associated with emptying conventional bagless vacuum cleaners,” said LG Electronics Australia category manager – whitegoods and floorcare, Irena Stojceska.

“Furthermore, there is no need to handle or touch the ‘dust cakes’, with one shake of the unit, the ‘dust cakes’ are ready for hands free removal,” she said.

According to LG, the dust compression system collects up to four times more dust than conventional bagless vacuums with similar dust canister capacities, meaning consumers don’t have to empty the dust canister as often.

“A vacuum offering superior cleaning performance is a must have in today’s modern world,” Stojceska said.

“The unique dust compression system, combined with superior suction, washable HEPA filtration system, LG’s Multi Cyclonic Cleaning System and ergonomic design, gives the LG Kompressor a significant edge in the home hygiene market.”

The LG Kompressor is also approved by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), being proven to specifically restrict and remove high levels of allergens from the environment.

“With bacteria and allergens infiltrating every part of the home, ensuring the home is hygienically clean is of the utmost importance. By purchasing LG Kompressor consumers can rest assured that the home will not only look cleaner, but will also reduce the presence of dust mites which aggravates asthma and allergy sufferers,” she said.

“With practicality in mind, LG is designing household products that are both ergonomically designed to meet the needs of modern homeowners, but also include accessories and elements that simplify and alleviate the chores of vacuuming.”

The LG Kompressor also recently received the 2007 Red Dot design award.