With bread baking in 400 and 200 series ovens and wine kept in perfect conditions inside the Vario cooling 400 series, Appliance Retailer was impressed when it visited Gaggenau’s stand at Eurocucina 2014.

‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ at Eurocucina 2014

‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ — as the stand was named — “harked back to the origins of culinary culture” and the intention behind the stand was clear: if you want to sell luxury you need to connect to a consumer emotionally or educationally.

At the time, Gaggenau head of brand Sven Schnee told Appliance Retailer,“I believe that if you talk about luxury, it’s about emotional or educational impact: I need to touch your soul or your brain, but if I don’t touch you, I don’t get the luxury across to you. I am convinced we need to tell stories that reflect our attitude and our philosophy and then people might buy it.”

The iF jury were also impressed, recently awarding Gaggenau’s stand an iF Gold Design Award for interior architecture, stating “this exhibition stand is in perfect harmony with the values of the company that commissioned the design: it is all about skilled craftsmanship, high quality manufacture and exclusivity. The innovative and technically advanced appliances are showcased as tools in the production process: high tech meets unspoiled nature.”

Local Gaggenau brand manager Frances Lynch said the win is another example of how Gaggenau leads the appliance industry for design and technology.

“Adding to a long list of international awards presented to its product range this award pays credit to the design values held by Gaggenau, which extend past product functionality through to considering every facet of the kitchen environment,” Lynch said.

‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ and was the final instalment of ‘The tradition of manufacture’ trilogy which began in 2010.

'A glimpse behind the scenes'
‘A glimpse behind the scenes’

The first stand was a factory concept titled, ‘A glimpse behind the scenes’. It was designed to give the visitor the sensation they had just walked on to the factory floor. “Guests were immersed in the culture of production facilities through design presentations and discussions with top Gaggenau specialists,” the company said.

‘From raw material to masterpiece’

This was followed in 2012 by ‘From raw material to masterpiece’ which focused on raw materials like steel and high quality foodstuffs, prepared on Gaggenau appliances as a symbol of exclusive culinary culture.

Gaggenau is distributed in Australia by Sampford IXL.