By Claire Reilly

Aside from inhaling the sweet aroma of exhaust fumes, car enthusiasts who visited the V8 supercar race in Melbourne over the weekend had the chance to see a new recruit to the Holden Racing sponsorship team.

Contour, the portable camera brand that has forged a strong association with extreme sports and outdoor adventure activities, has announced a sponsorship deal with the Holden Racing Team which is set to run for the duration of the 2012 V8 Supercar season.

The 12-month contract will see Contour branding on each car in the Holden Racing fleet, with the C-pillar of each car (the panel behind the rear door window) to carry the Contour logo. Contour cameras will also be fitted to cars during selected races.

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According to Gil Elliott, the director of Meeco Sales which distributes Contour in Australia, the association between the camera company and Holden was an obvious fit, considering Contour’s heritage as a ‘tough’ camera brand for adventure sports, and the fact that Australians are increasingly using Contour cameras for filming motorsport action.

“As the exclusive distributors for Contour in Australia, we are proud to announce this relationship Holden’s official factory racing team,” said Elliot. “Contour cameras are a perfect brand fit for Holden Racing Team as they are designed as a stylist high performance product built to capture the best action footage in the toughest of environments.”

As a part of the partnership, Contour will provide cameras to be fitted to Holden cars to capture the action in selected test drives and hot lap days. The cameras will capture footage from sprint trials, race days and the pit lane, while cameras on the helmets of Holden drivers James Courtney and Garth Tander will provide a closer look at the action seen from the cockpit.

Rhett Beere, Holden Racing Team’s marketing manager, said the sponsorship deal with Contour was a great way to bring fans in on the driving action.

“We are looking forward to developing this partnership with Contour Cameras and the Holden Racing Team,” said Beere. “Using the cameras will be a great way for us to help fans get even closer to what goes on behind the scenes at the Holden Racing Team.”

A car from the Holding fleet.

A close-up showing the Contour branding on a Holden Racing Team car.

This story has been updated to reflect the following: The Contour cameras will only be used during selected tests and hot laps, and not during races.