By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Vodafone has today announced that it will begin selling the HTC Magic, with Google Android, on 15 June 2009. At the same time, the other launch carrier, 3 Mobile, has announced pricing for the much anticipated new device.

Whilst 3 has not officially confirmed it will also release the Magic on 15 June, it has released its first price matrix. At the centre of this pricing announcement is 3’s 99 Cap, in which a consumer can get the HTC Magic for free, on a 3GB data download plan for $119 per month. The cheapest available for no handset charge is the same 99 Cap, but with only 1GB of data per month, which is $109 per month.

At the lowest end of the scale, 3 is offering consumers the 29 Cap, which involves $24 instalments and $63 per month for calls and 1GB of data. At the top of the price pyramid is the 199 Cap, in which the handset is free, at $219 per month for 3GB of data.

“The response to this handset launch has been phenomenal. We’ve had hundreds of people pre-register for the HTC Magic, showing that people recognize the natural fit of combining 3 and this handset,” said 3 director – sales, Noel Hamill.

Meanwhile, at Vodafone, which are yet to announce pricing, head of consumer markets, Edward Goff, talked up the release of the HTC Magic with Google on 15 June.

“There has been a lot of hype about the HTC Magic and we are sure that this hot phone will cast a spell over our customers once they get their hands on one,” said Goff. “Today, we’re delighted to confirm to our customers that they will be able to purchase the HTC Magic with features exclusive to Vodafone, from our stores around the country from Monday 15 June.”

3’s HTC Magic prices:

Name/Handest Instalment/1GB/2GB/3GB

29 Cap $24 $63 $68 $73

39 Cap (Online) $24 $73 $78 $83

49 Cap $18 $77 $82 $87

69 Cap $10 $89 $94 $99

99 Cap FREE $109 $114 $119

129 Cap FREE $139 $144 $149

149 Cap FREE $159 $164 $169

199 Cap FREE $209 $214 $219