By Patrick Avenell in Osaka

OSAKA, JAPAN: Sharp's head office in Japan today showed off its new Quattron LCD TV to Australian media at an exclusive tour just outside of Osaka. This new concept in television colour projection comes after decades of viewers being exposed to only the Red/Green/Blue colour scheme when watching colour television, according to the iconic brand.

Although the official launch event isn't until Thursday this week, the TVs went on sale at selected retailers in Australia last week. Sharp's marketing of these TVs, which is co-branded by leading retailer Harvey Norman, first aired on the weekend.

Here below are some images of the new Sharp Aquos Quattron in action.

The Sharp Aquos Quattron, which demonstrates a big breakthrough in the display of colours, especially yellow, according to the manufacturer.

Here, one can see how definite the contrast is between the yellow petals and the blue sky.

By holding a magnifying window to the screen, one can actually discern the colour yellow amongst green, red and blue in the screen.

This is the first 3D Sharp Aquos Quattron model. It's 60 inches across and will retail in Australian from October 2010 for around $8,000.