Roborock is introducing the Flexi Series robotic vacuum line-up, the Flexi Pro and Flexi Lite, both designed to tackle both wet and dry mess.

The Flexi Series sets a new standard for handheld vacuum cleaner capabilities, combining powerful suction with advanced features that adapt to various cleaning needs.

Delivering edge-to-edge cleaning performance and navigating beneath low-profile furniture, the Flexi Series is enhanced with smart features like adaptive cleaning and self-cleaning, plus app compatibility on the Flexi Pro, for effortless operation. 

“With the Flexi Series, we are redefining what vacuum cleaners can do,” Roborock founder and CEO, Richard Chang said.

“Our technology is not just about cleaning better, but also providing a more adaptable and stress-free cleaning experience. We believe cleaning all messes, both wet and dry, for all corners of a home should be made as easy as possible. The Flexi Series is designed to meet the high expectations of modern homeowners who value both functionality and convenience in their cleaning devices.”

The Flexi Series can tackle wet and dry mess with a single sweep with 17,000 Pa suction power, in addition to 17N pressure on the Flexi Pro. Roborock’s FlatReach technology is designed to reach under furniture as low as 15cm.

The Flexi Series self-cleans at its base with a roller scrape and water spray module that washes the rollers in two directions with 60°C water. The roller drying speed is just 30 minutes on the Flexi Pro after every clean. 

With Dirtect adaptive cleaning capability, the Flexi Series adjusts cleaning power according to dirt levels. During self-cleaning, Dirtect checks if the roller has been cleaned effectively and changes to Deep Clean mode if needed. 

The Flexi Series boasts an LED screen to monitor modes and status. Flexi Pro sends real-time updates via the Roborock app and operational reminders with voice alerts. 

The Flexi Pro boasts a 4,000mAh battery for up to 50 minutes of cleaning in Eco Mode. Its 730ml clean tank capacity and 450ml dirty tank capacity, coupled with advanced features like the SlideTech Automated Wheels, faster 30-minute roller drying time post self-cleaning, built-in headlight, and app connectivity, ensure a thorough cleaning experience.

Ideal for more compact spaces or lighter cleaning tasks, the Flexi Lite provides essential functionalities including a 2,500mAh battery capable of running up to 40 minutes, a clean tank capacity of 620ml, and a dirty tank capacity of 400ml and a roller drying time of 60 minutes post self-cleaning.

From 31 May, the Flexi Pro will be available for MSRP $999 via JB Hi-Fi online, select Bing Lee stores, Harvey Norman and Costco. The Flexi Lite will be available for MSRP $699 from Amazon, eBay, Kogan and MyDeal. Both models will also be available to purchase from the Roborock website.