Roborock has hosted more than 40 guests in the Northern Territory to launch its latest robotic vacuum cleaner range, the S8 Series, with select media partners, retail partners, representatives from its distributor, Ingram Micro, as well as executives from Roborock’s headquarters.

The flagship of the S8 Series is the S8 Pro Ultra with several functions that promise to deliver a truly hands-free cleaning experience.   

The S8 Pro Ultra automatically washes itself during clean-up and when finished, auto empties the dust and dirt after each clean and refills the water tank during clean-up for a mopping range of over 300 square metres. The dock is also self-cleaning and auto-drying.

With fast charging capabilities, the S8 Pro Ultra charges 30% faster than its predecessor, the S7, and supports off peak charging, saving energy costs for households.  

All-new DuoRoller dual rubber brushes effectively remove dirt with fewer tangles and a 30% increase in pet hair removal compared to the S7. The dual brushes are also self-cleaning for easy maintenance. 

HyperForce suction has been improved to 6,000Pa – which claims to be the highest suction power available on the market – to capture more dust and debris from hard floors and carpets. The VibraRise 2.0 mopping system delivers improved vibration modules at 3,000 times per minute with consistent pressure.

The brush on the S8 Pro Ultra can automatically lift up to 5mm under the mop-only mode and when the robot vacuum returns to the dock, preventing cross-contamination. Vacuuming and mopping can be done simultaneously or separately.  

The PreciSense LiDAR navigation system scans and creates detailed maps to find an optimal route to clean. Thanks to reactive 3D obstacle avoidance with 3D structured light and infrared imaging, the robot identifies and avoids potential hazards, such as cables and shoes. Using the Roborock app, invisible walls can be drawn to block certain areas and create no-go-zones for the robot.  

The S8 Ultra Pro (RRP $2,699) will be supported by the S8+ (RRP $1,899) and S8 (RRP $1,299). All models are now available for pre-order until 28 April 2023 ahead of the official launch on 5 May 2023. Customers who pre-order one of the robotic vacuum cleaners can redeem a bonus Roborock accessories kit, valued at $149.90.  

Feature image: Roborock head of marketing, Jade Tang and country manager, Ted Wu (far left) with the team from Roborock headquarters.