Roborock has released the Q5 Pro Series robot vacuum into its portfolio of floor cleaning devices.

The Q5 Pro Series introduces Roborock’s advanced cleaning technology to customers in the market for an entry or mid-range robot vacuum with two models, the standalone Q5 Pro robot and the Q5 Pro+ with auto-emptying dock for prolonged period of hands-free maintenance.

The Q5 Pro is equipped with the brand’s DuoRoller Brush system ensuring fewer hair tangles and 20% more hair removal from carpets. Combined with a suction power of 5,500Pa, users can experience high-performance removal of dirt, hair, dust, and pet hair on all floor types.

LiDAR based navigation easily creates a detailed map of surroundings, making the robot easy to control with the Roborock app. The app carries smart suggestions for no-go zones, fast cleaning, and clean along floor directions to improve cleaning efficiency and save time. 

The Q5 Pro also offers proven mopping systems allowing simultaneous vacuum and mop capability. The enhanced Q5 Pro+ is paired with the RockDock Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 rated dust bags, storing up to seven weeks of dust without manual emptying.

“Roborock products aim to bring the most powerful cleaning solution to an everyday smart home, by implementing our most powerful technology into our full suite of floor cleaners,” Roborock founder and CEO, Richard Chang said.

The Q5 Pro is available via selected retailers including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones, Bing Lee and Costco from RRP $699. More information about the Q5 Pro+ will be announced soon.