By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: They’re not as sexy as smartphone but everyone at every age needs one. They make everyone look smarter but few people enjoy using them. The category is worth more than $75 million a year in Australia and Kambrook has nearly doubled its sales of them in 12 months.

We are talking about irons and Kambrook reports that it has made significant inroads into its competitors’ share of the market.

Kambrook marketing manager, Adam Tacey says he is looking forward to a particularly healthy Christmas across Kambrook’s whole range of products.

“Year on year, GfK figures show our iron sales have nearly doubled,” said Tacey. “Kambrook value share for MAT in October rose to 5.5 per cent (from 3.7 per cent last year), and for the month of October our share was 6.8 per cent (from 3.2 per cent last year).”

Tacey says that Kambrook’s unit sales for October 2009 were 14,574 (which is up from 6,726 units last year) or 13.5 per cent in unit share (up from 6.4 per cent last year).

“We believe this is due to our total revamp of the Kambrook range, ensuring it is positioned as a serious player in small appliances,” said Tacey. “It is a contemporary offering, providing a smart option for consumers who want a quality appliance at an affordable price.

“This is conveyed in our new marketing collateral, including point of sale materials.

“Our key messaging includes reference to the serious testing our products undergo, reassuring consumers that our products are ‘the smarter choice’.”

Due to the Kambrook packaging redesign, retailers now have Kambrook’s new packaging, with crisp, clear graphics and descriptions of product features, making them easy to identify on shelves.

“Kambrook is clarifying its offering, standing out among the clutter of multiple brands and products.”