By Claire Reilly

Here at Undercurrent, we love appliances.

But if there’s anything we love more than appliances, it’s the kind of retro appliances that make you wonder what life was like back in the day before pyrolytic ovens, smart fridges, ionic hairdryer technology and dishwasher safe plastic.

Undercurrent had the good fortune to come across a treasure trove of antique appliances when doing some sleuthing into the topic recently. Here’s our top four picks in the category of, “Wow – the 80s called and they want their time-saving electrical goods back!”

4. Breville

Why go down to the salon to gossip with the ladies when you can get your hair set in the privacy of your own home? With this Breville contraption, keeping up the Joneses has never looked so fashionable! *Twin set not included.

3. Sunbeam

To be fair, this Sunbeam blender actually looks like it has quite a lot of functions on it. But the company has certainly upgraded the aesthetic of its small kitchen appliances…for the better.

2. Pioneer

If your old man is too square to let you go down to the discotheque, never fear. With Pioneer’s fantastic “Disco Robo” you can create your own party at home! Now with the super-specific benefits that only 109 decibels of sound can bring. I can't wait to play some Spandau Ballet!

1. Hotpoint

Considering the recent bad news about Hotpoint going into administration, we had a touch of nostalgia with this one – the Hotpoint Vertical Grill. Thanks to reader Paul who wrote in to tell us that this was not actually a extravagantly-named toaster, but rather a forerunner to the kind of grills produced now in the George Foreman range.

"You put in sausages, steaks, or maybe burgers, and they would grill with all the fat dripping off the meat onto a drip tray underneath, which was then removed for cleaning," said Paul. "I should know, we have one and use it every now and then. It was originally a wedding present for my partners parents back in the early 1960's, and it still looks as good as new. We also have a 1930's chrome waffle maker that still works brilliantly, and is also used on the odd occassion for a Sunday Brunch."

Paul may just win the prize for best retro appliance collection.

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