Iconic Western Australian retail brand, Rick Hart, has re-emerged in the form of a new business, Hart & Co, after first appearing more than 40 years ago. The new retail concept has now opened on Guthrie Street in Osborne Park, which was once home to the original Rick Hart business in the 1990s.

Hart & Co is a joint family owned business with shareholders Rick Hart, long-time business partner, Nick Kirby, with Hart’s daughter and son, Belinda and Michael Hart, forming part of the management team.

“Hart & Co will be an outstanding showcase of the best products available in the world today,” Rick Hart said at the time of the announcement in February.

“Standout displays will provide customers with an unsurpassed in-store experience with the ability to view and access working product in an amazing environment. Our staff will all possess exceptional product knowledge and be among the most professional in the industry.

“We intend to provide customers with an unbelievable experience in store, along with the care to ensure that our customers not only have an unforgettable adventure when selecting appliances, but can be assured that they have received the right advice and just as importantly, the right price and service.”

After the demise of two upmarket retailers in the WA market, Hart & Co provides West Australian consumers with choice, a local family owned business and a name that has not only been around for more than 40 years.

“Over the last few years, Nick and I always had the view that we still had a desire to offer WA consumers something special in the form of service, as well as the opportunity to deal with a familiar WA family business and so we embarked on creating Rick Hart & Co and we are excited to bring it to fruition,” Hart said.

“We believe that Rick Hart & Co is destined to become the kitchen, laundry and cooking hub that Western Australian consumers, as well as architects and designers, will choose as their most logical option to view the best appliances available. In addition, we will have WA’s best and most innovative laundry display with interactive working machines where customers can bring in their washing and try out the many choices.”