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The National Retail Association has worked with the State Government to develop an information portal, workshops and a hotline giving business owners all the information they need about their responsibilities under Queensland’s looming state-wide ban on light-weight plastic shopping bags, which will come into force from July next year.

With the legislation providing for fines of up to $6,095 per offence for providing the wrong bags after July 1, 2018, NRA CEO, Dominique Lamb urged business to make themselves familiar with their responsibilities.

“More than the fines, however, the greatest pressure on businesses to do the right thing is likely to come from their customers. And while large business have the resources and expertise to manage changes in government regulation, we find small business owners are often heavily focused on customer service and need a little extra help dealing with the red tape,” Lamb said.

“So the NRA has teamed up with the Queensland Government to help retailers navigate the new compliance issues, find alternative bag solutions, and manage consumer sentiment to minimise negative impacts on their businesses.

“Throughout the rest of this year, the NRA will be visiting over 90 locations across Queensland to conduction information workshops and provide advice to retailers. We’ll also be providing useful resources, training kits and tools to assist retailers in preparing for and managing the ban.

“This change is an important step forward for the environment, and while there will no doubt be some teething issues, the NRA is here to help our members and all retailers to make the adjustment,” she added.

The information portal,, has a range of resources for retailers, including:

  • An in-depth overview of the ban;
  • A comprehensive list of steps for retailers to take to transition to the new arrangements;
  • Details of information workshops across the state; and
  • Resources for retail workers to use in dealing with customers.