According to new Nielsen data.

With an abundance of media hype and industry commentary, it has become a known fact that Amazon will shake things up in the Australian retail industry when it launches in September 2017. But more recently, data from Nielsen has provided more details about its targeted consumers

Nielsen Omnibus research shows that Amazon’s US site converts almost one-in-two (49%) Australian visitors into sales – the fourth highest behind eBay (78%), The Book Depository (74%) and The Iconic (53%).

However, more alarmingly for its competitors: 75% of Australians aged over 18 say they are interested in Amazon Australia; while 56% say they are likely to purchase from its Australian site; and 45% saying they would pay to become an Amazon Prime member to receive special deals, discounts and delivery perks.

The top products likely to be bought on the Australian Amazon site include:

  1. Electrical goods
  2. Books
  3. Clothes
  4. Shoes
  5. Music

Amazon will also offer free delivery on its products and prices are expected to be discounted as much as 30%.