While we’re always loathe to associate Mother’s Day with ironing here at Appliance Retailer, there is no doubt that any Mum that receives a steam system on Sunday 11 May 2014 is very lucky. These high-end garment care appliances can convert one of the more tedious tasks in the home into a breeze almost as smooth as the glide of the soleplate. Of course, you’re just as likely to have the iron thrown back at you as you are to receive a grateful kiss on the cheek!

So, if any customers are willing to tempt fate by buying Mum an iron for her special day, here are some tips on how to make sure these fools and their money are soon parted, courtesy of Sarah Francis from Sunbeam:

Four key selling points for steam generators…

Power Pressurised steam penetrates deep into the fabric making light work of creases, which means you only have to run the iron over garments once, reducing your ironing time by half.

Size The extra-large water tank is almost three times the size of a traditional iron, meaning it can generate steam for longer so you can power through your ironing pile without any delay.

Ease of Use Unlike a traditional iron, the water tank is a separate unit so the iron itself is lightweight, which makes it easier for you to iron for long periods of time without feeling tired.

Functionality The high powered steam makes steam generators ideal for vertical steaming tasks such as refreshing hanging garments, curtains or blinds.

Sunbeam’s Pro Glide Eco 8710 (SR8710, RRP $399) features a Teflon Platinum Pro soleplate, 5-bar steam pressure and an Eco Steam function that uses 20 per cent less water and power whilst maintaining steam performance.

Meanwhile, Tom Paltridge from Philips says retail staff should, “Talk to the consumer — if they are right for a steam generator then it is not a complicated sell. By investing in a steam generator they can potentially halve the time it takes to iron, allowing them to spend more time with their family or do the things they enjoy. Time is a precious commodity nowadays so drive that message home.”

Philips irons
The Philips PerfectCare Silence (GC9550/02, RRP $529) is five times quieter than a regular steam generator, but it still offers up to 6.5-bar steam pressure.