Residentia Group has officially re-launched the Omega brand in Australia, hosting an event for Bing Lee management, store owners and floor staff, to introduce the new product range and go-to-market strategy.

With an entirely new brand direction and brand communication, Residentia Group unveiled a selection of new Omega ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers in the ‘Omega Mobile Experience Centre’. New washing machines and dryers were also on display with a 10kg auto dose front load washer, 8kg front load washer and 8kg heat pump dryer being launched soon.

All Omega appliances are designed to make entertaining easier while offering more value to consumers.

Residentia Group general manager of sales and marketing, Troy Hinchco said, “This year, Residentia Group is celebrating 10 years in the Australian market. We operate in six countries, have three offices, and we source and distribute 11 brands around the world. We sell 4.18 appliances every minute globally and since 2014, we’ve sold over 10 million appliances.

“With the Omega brand, we are ready to disrupt the market and will be expanding into new categories including laundry, freestanding and integrated refrigeration and wine cellars, so watch this space.”

Troy Hinchco (Residentia Group).

Residentia Group creative director, Nicholas Cary added, “With Omega’s expansion into new categories beyond built-in cooking and dishwashers, we wanted to find our unique proposition to signify the change in ownership and new design direction. All of the products we’ve sourced and designed make entertaining at home easier, more affordable and fun.

“Welcome to the Art of Entertaining with Omega because anyone can be an entertainer. We’re going to have some fun and entertain our partners, as well as consumers.”

Bing Lee staff participating in a challenge on who can throw the most pairs of socks in the washing machine.

To align with the Art of Entertaining brand message, there were dance and musical performances throughout the evening, as well as interactive games with prizes for attendees. The event was MC’d by Residentia Group national key account manager, Hannah Hales (below).

Bing Lee CEO, Lionel Lee said, “Omega and Bing Lee have been partners for a long time, and we are pleased to get behind and support the new Omega brand. On behalf of myself, my mum Yenda and the Bing Lee team, we would like to share our appreciation to the Omega team.”

Yenda Lee & Lionel Lee.

Bing Lee general manager, Peter Harris added, “Bing Lee is a family business and Residentia Group is owned by Matt and Nathan who have young families and have partnered to build a new brand in a competitive market. We know they will elevate the Omega brand to new levels with great products, while maintaining a value-based proposition. We appreciate the support and belief they have in the Bing Lee business.”

Peter Harris (Bing Lee).

Feature image: Troy Hinchco (Residentia), Peter Harris (Bing Lee), Matt Evans (Residentia), Lionel Lee (Bing Lee), Yenda Lee (Bing Lee), Nicholas Cary (Residentia) & Ben Miller (Bing Lee).