By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: In a noteworthy week for online retailing, digital relationship marketing agency, Permission, has announced an upcoming industry seminar titled Online Retailing: Get set for Success.

To be held in Sydney on Thursday 13 May 2010, the seminar will focus on issues including global retail trends and online digital marketing.

Speakers at the retailing seminar will include online retail professionals such as the managing director of Permission, Jeremy Glass, and managing director of the multi-channel retail consulting company, The Retail Doctor, Brian Walker.

“Participants will learn the foundations required to build a successful business online and the practical steps they need to take to get themselves established, drive consumers to their website and keep them coming back,” said Glass.

The timing of Permission’s announcement is significant because Australian online retail website,, this week launched its own iPad application for consumers to better browse major retailers online.

Speaking with after the launch on Wednesday, chief executive, Paul Marshall, stressed the importance of retailers increasing their online presence.

“If consumers want to start browsing products and a retailer is not there (online), then the retailer simply won’t be discovered and won’t be part of that decision.”