Ahead of Christmas trade.

Earlier this month, South Australian Radio Rentals Group, which also owns RT Edwards in Queensland, confirmed its expansion into the NSW market under a new brand, Gedd!t. At the time, three stores were opened in Newcastle, Sydney and the Central Coast. One more store has opened and another is due to open before Christmas.

The Stocklands Shellharbour store, located approximately 130km south of Sydney, opened last week and Radio Rentals Group CEO and Managing Director, Nick Palmer said it had been trading well so far. The fifth store in Macarthur Square shopping centre in Campbelltown, approximately 50km south-west of the CBD, will open just days before Christmas.

Recently opened Gedd!t store in Sydney’s Penrith

When asked about plans for 2018, Palmer said, “We want to work with the five stores for the time being to optimise the model. I then expect we will begin a new growth phase.”

Renting with Gedd!t includes (at no extra charge), delivery and installation, service throughout the life of the rental contract, on site and 24/7 phone support on technology, as well as opportunities to upgrade goods part way through a rental term, or retain goods at the end of the term without any additional payment or negotiation.

The South Australian Radio Rentals brand is not associated in any way to Radio Rentals stores owned and operated by the Thorn Group in states other than South Australia. In South Australia, Thorn Group stores trade as Rentlo Reinvented.