By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sharp has announced the release of a new range of four-door French design refrigerators which offer a split freezer door design.

The new range of six refrigerators come available in two sizes, 653 litres or 602 litres, and improve the refrigerators efficiency by allowing consumers to open one door of the freezer at a time, reducing cold air loss.

The Four Door French Design refrigerator range also incorporates an easy to use LCD display to change the operating conditions, as well as adjustable tempered glass shelving.

 “Sharp is pleased to be releasing our new range of refrigerators. We believe that these refrigerators will revolutionise refrigeration and kitchen styling,” said Sharp Australia deputy managing director, Denis Kerr.

While Samsung has already released a four-door refrigerator, it was based on a two-door two-drawer system; Sharp’s new range will be the first refrigeration product with four outward opening doors.

“With Sharp’s unique four door French design, these refrigerators have been designed for easy access to the whole refrigerator and to conserve energy.”

The new refrigerators come in a range of modern finishes including silver or white stainless steel with finger mark and stain resistance.

The 653 litre models are the stainless steel SJF65PSSL (RRP $3849), the silver SJF65PCSL (RRP $3299) and the white SJF65PCWH (RRP $2969), while the 602 litre models include the stainless steel SJF60PSSL (RRP $3629), the silver SJF60PCSL (RRP $3079) and the white SJF60PCWH (RRP $2749).