By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Asus has announced their successful Eee PC will now come pre-installed with Windows XP, but will restrict sales of the new version to resellers and education institutions.

The XP versions will be available via special tender for educational institutions, while retail sales will only be through resellers such as dedicated computer stores.

Asus Australia managing director, Ted Chen, said the Eee PC had already found its way into a number of schools and would fit well into the Federal Government’s planned education technology rebate scheme. 

“The affordability of the Eee PC supports the Federal Government’s education policy with regard to technology. We see the Eee PC as essential to expanding the market within the education sector. Asus is dedicated to providing schools around Australia the opportunity to be part of the digital future,” he said.
School representatives can see the Eee PC first-hand when Asus holds a roadshow tour in all capital cities except Darwin later this month (date to be confirmed).
The Eee PC with Microsoft Windows XP will be available will be available from March 2008 (date and price to be confirmed).

Further local details of the new nine-inch Eee PC unveiled at CeBit in Hannover were unavilable at time of publication