By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG has launched a free fuel and grocery voucher promotion with the purchase of selected fridges and dishwashers. 

The promotion, which started February 1 and will run until March 31, will give a fuel or grocery voucher up to the value of $300 to customers who purchase selected side-by-side fridges, French door fridges, top mount fridges and dishwashers.

LG Electronics Whitegoods category manager, Glacel Lubrin, said the promotion would help those struggling with living cost increases.

 “Our latest promotion recognises that people work hard, and a bit of relief from financial burdens every now and then never goes astray.” 

To redeem the offer, customers must purchase a selected LG home appliance product from participating retailers during the promotional and send their claim form, along with proof of purchase, to the address provided no later than 15 April 2008.  Customers will receive the vouchers within eight weeks of LG receiving the form.

Participating models are as follows:

Model                                          Model No.                   Rebate

FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-G227TVS                    $300
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-P257STB                    $300
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-P257SVB                    $250
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-P227STG                    $200
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-L227STG                    $200
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-B227STS                    $200
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-L197NFS                    $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GR-L197NIS                     $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-L197NIS                     $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-P197WFS                   $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-B197STS                    $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-B197NFS                    $150
FRIDGE – SXS                         GC-B197WFS                   $150
FRENCH DOOR FRIDGE     GR-L218STB                     $250
FRENCH DOOR FRIDGE     GR-B218NID                     $200
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R315FW                      $100
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R346FW                      $100
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R422FW                      $100
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R466FW                      $125
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R466FT                       $125
TOP MOUNT FRIDGE            GN-R491FW                      $125
DISHWASHER                         LD-1415T1                        $75
DISHWASHER                         LD-1403W1                       $60
DISHWASHER                         LD-1204M1                        $60
DISHWASHER                         LD-1204W1                       $50