By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Thanks to Laser GPS technology the days of teenagers surreptitiously borrowing their unsuspecting parents’ cars, are gone.

In fact, the Laser Navig8r iSeries i50 GPS, released yesterday, has an electronic trip log that can track and record the amount and type of driving, and how often the car was speeding – a handy tool for parents.

The unique driver profile feature offers a flip side for teenage learner drivers required to produce a log report to the RTA (or equivalent in states outside New South Wales). The i50 can monitor speed, maintain a driving log, display real time data on driving hours accumulated and a percentage of driving time speeding.

The Navig8r i50 is also a valuable tool for businesses required to maintain a log book of driving hours and distances.

Those who recall teenage years with nostalgia will be happy with the slightly larger than average 5-inch screen, making following directions easier to see (without fumbling for reading glasses whilst on the move).

The i50 comes complete with a Bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter for hands-free operation and is available now for RRP $199.