By Claire Reilly

Canon channelled its best hipster energy in Sydney on Wednesday night to showcase the results of its recent collaboration with local Australian creatives and designers, known as the G-Case Project.

The project called on a range of Australian identities – including the likes of fashion designers Romance Was Born, Ikira Isogawa and We Are Handsome – to get them to redesign and reimagine the storage case for Canon’s Powershot G1X camera.

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Each of the participants in the project was given a blank black case to work with, as well as one of the G1X cameras to document their creative process. The resulting cases were shown off in the uber-trendy Chalk Horse gallery in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, where the designers proudly showed off their work.

“This whole project was pretty much about saying, ‘Here’s the camera, design something that your inspired by with the camera’,” said Kai Lebens, Canon Compact brand manager. “As you can see, people have gone way above and beyond the call of duty.

“The idea was never to make functional cases. It was about lining ourselves up with the creative people that actually use the products that we build.”

Being true aesthetes here at, we cast our eye over the entries and chose the best to share with our readers.

Herewith, the top cases from the G-Case Project:

A design inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, created by fashion designer Akira Isogawa.

Canon's Kai Lebens mentioned this case, created by Melbourne street artist Phibs, as one of his favourites.

Local Australian swimwear designers We Are Handsome transformed their case with spikes of technicolour cardboard.

A steam punk creation from Channel V presenter Danny Clayton.

Romance Was Born channelled their inner teen with this ode to Hollywood and music heartthrobs.

The Winners:

Claire's Choice: This case, created by director/producer Kris Moyes (who has worked on filmclips by bands such as the Presets and Wolfmother) was a clear winner for me. It was perched on an angle atop a mirror, so you could see every side, and the texture had a touch of the 80s glam metal to it. How very rock 'n' roll.

Patrick's Pick: I loved the confluence of industry and agriculture in this high concept piece by Sibella Court. Evoking the industrial revolution prose of Dickens and Hardy, the dramatic effect of this dynamic work is only heightened by opening the case to reveal a modern camera. Three defining centuries of change envisioned tangibly in a functional artispiece: the farming of the 1700s, the factories of the 1800s and the technology of the 1900s: magnificent.

See the full gallery of cases from the launch at Canon's Facebook Page.