The news that Kleenmaid customers will definitely not be receiving their goods or money has really angered the community and numerous people have been hurtling some very heavy criticism towards Andrew and Bradley Young. has been asking for feedback from affected customers and employees of the Kleenmaid collapse ever since the news broke last week, due to this the mail bag has definitely been overflowing with negative comments towards the company’s directors and this has only become more intense in the last few days.

One respondent had this to say:

“It’s just interesting that people like the Young’s are not held accountable for the circumstances. They can buy million dollar properties and get away with it while their customers lose money big time,” he said.

“Buyer beware they say, but guess what if you are caught stealing an old ladies purse you might end up in jail!”

“These guys are going to act remorseful and get away with bankruptcy etc, and then surface a few years later running some new dodgy business – they aren’t as clever as Alan Bond but they certainly have the same personality traits!”

“Unfortunately I believed that we lived in a civilised society and there is some level of protection – but that was very naive and I got caught out!”

Another customer expressed her disgust at the shocking practices of the manufacturer:

“I paid $20,000 for appliances over a year ago and was told they’d be kept in storage until I needed them, as we had just started building our home at the time,” she said. “We were told our appliances would be automatically upgraded to newer models as they came out. This has turned out to be the biggest con.”

“Now we need our appliances delivered and we are left with nothing and have to fork out thousands more for new appliances for our home.”

“When will the Government step in and help the thousands of innocent victims of this mess and prevent this from happening again?”