By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS: Murray Neck Betta Electrical in Alice Springs has announced it has left the BSL group and will join the Narta group on 1 September, trading as Murray Neck Electrical World.

Murray Neck Homeworld director and electrical manager, Greg Neck, told that he is looking forward to joining the Narta group.

“We saw Narta as our best offer and our best opportunity. We need to make some strategic moves in our business and as a result this is where our business has to go," Neck said.

The Betta Electrical store has been part of the 6,500 square metre Murray Neck Homeworld in Alice Springs which was built four years ago, which also includes separate bedding, furniture and carpet superstores in the one complex.

Neck told that he plans to expand the 1,300 square metre electrical store.

“We want to expand the electrical store out to 1,800 square metres and we plan to do this next year. There are certain categories that we are missing out on including computers, telephones and digital imaging – they are the three main categories that we want to expand into. This industry is all about moving forward and embracing technology.”

Neck said the Narta membership will provide his store with a stronger opportunity in the major cooking appliances business, which is one of the buying group’s key strengths.

Neck said he has been looking at the move to Narta for over 12 months and has recently visited a number of stores within the group prior to making his decision.

“I have got to know a lot of the guys in Narta over the years of being in business. They have a good understanding of our business – certainly Kay Spencer has, and we are very excited about the move.”

Neck said he is sad to leave the Betta Stores group, and still has high regard for the organisation and its members.

“We have had a very good relationship with Betta Electrical that has been very helpful to our business. It has helped it grow and we have met some terrific people in the Betta Group.

“Betta has been good to us. It feels a bit like a separation,” he said.

“We were with Retravision for 29 years and we were bitterly disappointed when we left them. And now we have been with Betta Electrical for 10 years.

“The Murray Neck name is pretty well known and respected. We have been around for a long time and we have some pretty exciting times ahead of us and we are very pleased to be a part of the Narta group.”