By Craig Zammit

PERTH: Australian LCD and plasma bracket manufacturer, Skunkworks, has signed its first major European distribution deal, signing Italian IT distributor Elettronica Sillaro to distribute its range.

After launching in Australia in 2004, the flat-screen mounting specialists can now move into significantly larger territories with this European distribution deal.

“Our entry into Europe, via Elettonica Sillaro, gives us not only a market of 80 million people, but a long-term partnership with one of Europe’s most respected distributors,” Skunkworks managing director, Lou Schillaci, told

“The take up of flat screen technology in Europe is much faster than we, and most people, anticipated, however with this partnership we are well positioned to take advantage of the situation.”

The deal is seen as a welcome departure for Elettronica Sillaro, who would normally deal in the high-tech end of the market. For the European distributor, the Australian bracket company represents a stable, low-tech product with good profit margin and according to Skunkworks, almost zero warranty issues.

Major European electronic retailers including Misco, Mworld and Mediamarkt, which alone has over 360 stores around the EU, will now showcase the range of over 60 Skunkworks products.

“It’s anticipated that the company’s revenue will be boosted by an additional 70 per cent, giving us the ability to reduce our manufacturing unit costs through the economies of scale that this deal brings,” said Schillaci.

The business development manager for the Australian trade commission in Italy, Alessandra Orsini, believes Skunkworks has reached a significant milestone with the distribution deal.

“Securing a distributor so quickly in such a competitive market like Italy is an outstanding achievement and demonstrates the professionalism and determination of the Novita group.”