By Patrick Avenell

The reintroduction of the Polaroid brand to Australian consumers, both old and new, is progressing well, according to brand manager Dale Eastman. Polaroid is distributed locally by Brands Australia.

During the second quarter of 2012, viewership of Polaroid’s website more than doubled compared to the previous year, which coincided with Polaroid running promotions in conjunction with the Rip Curl Pro surfing event at Bells Beach.

“We knew that Polaroid was going to reach a new level in 2012, however, we didn’t quite anticipate it would be this big,” said Eastman. “These results are very promising for Polaroid within Australia and underline the strength of the brand and the increasing demand for instant cameras.”

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Eastman has also taken Polaroid onto Facebook, where it has amassed over 13,000 fans. This has created a special, almost romantic bond between the company and its consumers.

“We love our Facebook fans!” exclaimed a quixotic Eastman. “They give us great feedback and share the love of Polaroid.

“What’s most interesting is the majority of our fans are made up of teenagers — people who may have never actually used a Polaroid camera before, but are equally amazed at the magic of a Polaroid picture coming out of a camera straight away.

“Polaroid is more relevant to today’s ‘want it now’ youth market than it ever has been for the past 75 years.”