Toshiba has today announced the launch of its first ever All-In-One PC, with Harvey Norman receiving the exclusive distribution for the white model of this unit.

This new look Toshiba PC is targeted at design-savvy consumers. Trading in on the recent boom in minimalist white consumer electronics popularised by tech giant Apple, the All-In-One will be exclusively available in “Luxe White” at Harvey Norman stores, with other retailers only receiving the traditional black model.

The high-specced DX1210 offers a choice of the latest Intel i7 or i5 core processors, as well as an HDMI in-port for playing high-definition video content and USB 3.0 ports for speedy file transfers. The modern All-In-One unit also boasts a large 21.5-inch HD LCD screen, as well as a built-in DVD player and TV tuner, targeted at those trying to replicate the cinema experience at home.

Billing the PC as a family-friendly unit designed for use on the kitchen table or in the living room, Toshiba targets this new product at consumers looking for a streamlined digital experience.

“It’s not uncommon for households to have several technology devices in different rooms, so the DX1210 is a great solution to managing multiple devices through a single hub,” Toshiba product marketing manager Anthony Geronimo said. “Parents can look up recipes while preparing dinner or it can be used for catching up with friends on Facebook.”

The Toshiba All-In-One DX1210 PC is RRP $1,899.