By Chris Nicholls

ADELAIDE: Peter Garrett, the Federal Minister for the Environment, has confirmed he will implement the 10-star energy efficiency ratings plan for the electrical appliance industry he introduced August last year.

Speaking at the International Solar Cities Congress in Adelaide, Garrett said the 10-star system would push manufacturers to improve their products and help consumers by giving them more information.

The move would be the first time an energy ratings system has been applied to all categories within the appliance industry, and would mean LCD and plasma televisions, criticised in recent times for their electricity use as sizes have increased, would also need a ratings sticker.

In the original policy document, the then shadow minister said he would also look at fast-tracking new standards for set-top boxes, computers and home theatre systems.

In addition, national three-yearly reviews of existing standards would be implemented, he said.

The original proposal suggested introducing a one Watt standby power regulation as well.

An enquiry to Peter Garrett’s media secretary were not returned before publication.