By Claire Reilly

Reality television cooking programs and renovation shows have been a windfall for appliance companies, offering brands the opportunity to associate themselves with the image of the ideal home.

Now Smeg is basking in a little of that reflected glory, thanks to a new partnership with the self-styled “Designer Boys” Gavin Atkins and Warren Sonin, winners of the 2003 season of the popular TV home makeover show The Block.

With experience furnishing and styling more than 750 properties, Atkins and Sonin have chosen Smeg as the major kitchen appliance supplier for their new project in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

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“We fell in love with the aesthetics of Smeg’s Linear collection on first sight and were familiar with the performance of the brand from previous experience,” said Atkins. “The styling of each appliance is artfully clean and sleek so we wanted to present them within the kitchen rather like artworks in a gallery.

“Some of the appliances cleverly conceal the messier aspects of a kitchen’s role – the 90-centimetre wide STH903 dishwasher is fully integrated so it looks just like a kitchen cabinet while the LQVN862-1 stainless steel sink features two sliding black glass work surfaces that completely conceal the double sinks when not in use.

“At a purely practical level we had to choose our appliances carefully.  Neither of us are terrific cooks so we were looking for appliances that delivered consistently good results while ‘guiding’ us through the whole process,” Atkins added. “Smeg Linear delivered handsomely in this respect. 

“The oven has Smart Chef technology so will advise on temperature and cooking times for various dishes and even recommends the correct shelf position!  The coffee machine does a similar thing – we simply programme the strength, length and temperature of the coffee we like and it does the rest.  It gives us perfect coffee every time.”

The Atkins and Sonin used a range of Smeg appliances in the 120-year old farmhouse, including ovens, cooktops and a new dishwasher.

Gavin Atkins and Warren Sonin with the Smeg appliances in their new kitchen.