By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Topfield has today hit back at TiVo, rejecting Hybrid TV’s claim that it is the first to supply a PVR capable of recording in 3D. Topfield already has seven PVRs with 3D recording capability in the marketplace, according to product manager Robert Bonanno.

In a media release yesterday, Hybrid TV claimed its TiVo device was “the first PVR with the ability to time shift any free-to-air 3D broadcast”. This claim is now in dispute, with Bonanno saying Topfield already had products in the market with that capability.

“Topfield can advise that you can record 3D to the following Topfield PVR models: TF7050, TRF7060, TRF7160, TBF7120, TRF7100PLUS, TRF2400 and TRF2460,” wrote Bonanno in an email to

Bonanno also emphasised that this can be done without an internet connection.

“When the Topfield PVR records the HD side-by-side image, this signal will be able to be decoded by a true 3D TV at any time in the future.”

“The Topfield PVRs will record the 3D signal as a split screen HD signal. Then the TV will use its 3D engine to overlap and develop the true 3D signal in 16:9.” has contacted Hybrid TV for comment.