One of the most eagerly awaited PS3 games of all time has finally been given an official release date, after over five years in development and numerous delays.

Killzone 2, which is now slated for a 26 February 2009 release, amazed gamers countless years ago when a trailer graced the E3 gaming expo and started circulating the web.

Gamers were heralding the game trailer as fake and not actual in-game footage, but Sony Computer Entertainment stood by their comments that the game actually did look that good.

That was quite some time ago now and gamers are now more familiar with next generation graphics, therefore those initial screens aren’t as amazing as they first seemed.

But nevertheless from that moment on Killzone 2 has had probably the most hype ever surrounding a console game, and numerous delays have only boosted the game’s anticipation.

Sony and many gamers alike, believe that this is the game that truly sets the PS3 apart from its competition.

Sony have commented that “Killzone 2 is the shooter that will make Playstation 3 a must have.”

This release is one of the titles that Sony is claiming will truly demonstrate the power of the PS3 and is an example of how the console still has a lot of potential and growth for years to come.

The news of this release comes in light of comments made in the past few days from Sony’s Kaz Hirai, when he announced that the PS3 is unofficially the current leader in consoles, due to its intended life span.

Sony have commented for years that the PS3 has never truly used its full potential and Hirai backed that up by claiming that Sony has intended for the PS3 to have a 10 year life span, and therefore is slowly using the potential technology available. Whilst he claims Microsoft and Nintendo only have probably a five year life span and are already pushing their consoles to their technological limits.

All of this aside, Killzone 2 is expected to be a blockbuster release for Sony and hopefully it will help the weakened company that just revealed their first operating losses in 14 years.