By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Visual mounting display specialist Atdec has released a new range of notebook trays for desktop use. The new range is intended to provide a more ergonomic notebook experience whilst also freeing up space at a user’s workstation.

With consumers increasingly using their notebooks and netbooks both in the office and on the road, solutions to the poor natural ergonomics of desktop notebook use have grown in popularity. Atdec’s latest range takes the traditional notebook holder, the inclined tray, to a new level, with rotating metallic arms projecting from a fixed cylindrical base boosting the monitor to eye level and elevating it from the desk, enabling extra space to be freed up for other uses.

“The growth in netbook and notebook sales has created great demand for a simple solution that easily integrates laptops into a space saving and ergonomic workspace,” said Atdec director Jerome Green.

“The new Notebook Tray is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a complete suite of advanced and styling mounting solution for all kinds of displays from notebooks to TVs and monitors of all shapes and sizes.”

There are three configurations in the new Atdec Notebook Tray range. The top-of-the-range is the Vidisec Focus single articulated arm and Vidisec Focus Notebook Tray, which is designed for dual screen support. This model is RRP $349. Also in the range is the Notebook Tray (RRP $249) and the Notebook Accessory (RRP $199).