sunbeam water purifierSunbeam WF7500 Water Purifier

This water purifier and chiller has a fast pump action and a fast chilling function that rapidly cools water to 8°C. It also has a room temperature option. The 0.5 micron filter is easy to change and maintains the fluoride content of water.

Sunbeam will launch three new water filter/chillers in time for Mother’s Day, starting at RRP$99.95 for the WF5900 Brita Water Filter and Chiller. It uses a Brita Maxtra filter cartridge that retailers can re-sell. It offers four step filtration in a gravity fed system and a 7.2 litre capacity. Also new will be the WF6400 which is a brushed stainless steel version with the same specifications as the WF5900 Brita Water Filter and Chiller at RRP$ 149.

The WF7500 Water Filter and Chiller is the top of the line model with a pump action, superfine 0.5 micron carbon filter, 5.5 litre capacity, ‘fast chill’ to 8°C and a room temperature option.

The high performance 0.5 carbon block filter removes giardia and cryptosporidium. Importantly it doesn’t remove fluoride, which makes this a much healthier option than bottled water, which contains no fluoride. A recent statistic showed that Australian children have some of the highest rates of tooth decay in the world.

RRP: $199

Sunbeam 1800 249 897 or visit http://www.sunbeam.com.au/