By Patrick Avenell, in Shunde

SHUNDE, CHINA: DViCO will not be pursuing endorsement from Freeview Australia, and will be removing all Freeview logos from its marketing material and packaging, according to a brief statement to the press today.

DViCO came under scrutiny on 14 October 2009 after exclusively revealed it had promoted its new M-6600N PVR as a Freeview product, despite not having been officially endorsed. It was later revealed that this was meant to designate its UK Freeview compliance, though that distinction was not made at the time.

“The DViCO products offer an exceptional all-in-one solution for the home media market. We don’t believe Australian consumers would want to miss out on the product’s abilities such as ad skipping which we believe would have to be disabled if we sought Freeview Australia endorsement,” said Also Technology (the local distributor) managing director, Steve Xiao.