By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Trend Micro’s sponsorship of the Wests Tigers is having a positive effect, with fans of the joint venture club expressing their satisfaction with the retail internet security company’s products in online forums.

Although the shorts sponsorship deal is only seven rounds old, already fans of the club are choosing the company’s products over rivals – and recommending the goods to fellow fans. uncovered this underground community of Wests Tigers/Trend Micro fans on a Wests Tigers forum. Because these forums are anonymous, and fans can say whatever they like about brands and individuals with impunity, the overwhelmingly positive tone of this feedback must be very satisfying.

“Finally a sponsor I didn’t have to Google to discover what they sold/made/do. Good work Wests Tigers,” wrote Innsaneink.

“It’s good for my viewing and my hip pocket,” chimed in Sennex.

“Great sponsor for the club. I hear this sponsorship is one of the richest shorts sponsorships in the game. The club have done a great job in securing big [dollars] from their sponsorships. Credit to them for doing so,” wrote Towntiger.

Even more impressive for Trend Micro are some of the comments by fans who are already using its products.

“I have used Trend Micro for the past three years, never had a virus or security problem in my PC. Excellent product,” exalted Helmesy.

Regardless of how positive these comments are, no doubt the one that will make Trend Micro’s sales team the happiest is this one, which shows the value of sponsoring a team in such a tribal sport.

“Excellent, this choice is now so easy. [I] was in the market for some of this kind of software and could not decide between two, that is, Trend Micro and another. Well the choice is now so simple: would be my pleasure to purchase the Trend Product,” said Wildcat 777.

Some quotations in this story have been edited to increase readability.