By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Miele has announced a new 90cm oven, which it claims is the ‘best oven in the world’.

The Miele H 5981 BP has 100 automatic cooking programs, allows the user to store their own ‘top 20’ recipes and has a ‘Moisture Plus’ system, where the oven automatically adds steam to control the cooking. Customers can also add steam manually.

The oven also comes with a cordless temperature probe, greets owners with a polyphonic tone when switched on (although customers can turn this option off) and has SpeedLight ‘atmospheric lighting’ inside.

Miele claims the oven can fit three large chickens inside on its integrated rotisserie and uses two fans to spread heat.

The oven also comes with an ‘AirClean’ catalytic converter to help prevent smells escaping and cleans itself with a sensor-controlled pyrolytic cleaning programme.

Miele’s new flagship will retail for $10,499 and will be on display at the forthcoming designEX exhibition in Sydne. It is due to go on sale later this year, but Miele would confirm a set date.