By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Retravision announced it has replaced national merchandise manager Ken Chamberlain, splitting his role between two other current executives.

In a confidential document obtained by, Retravision national chairman Bill Harries told suppliers that, “Following deep discussion with Ken, we have mutually agreed that the direction of our business is not ideally suited to his aspirations and that a parting of the ways is to our mutual benefit at this point.”

“Ken has been a key member of our Senior Executive Group since July 2007 and the Retravision National Board and Management wish Ken all the very best in his future Pursuits,” said Harries.

It was widely perceived in the industry that Chamberlain was brought in to help rescue the then troubled retail group, following the east coast split into Northern and Southern divisions.

However, this decision ends Chamberlain’s role in the recovery and his role will now be split between current Whitegoods and Seasonal division manager Craig Larkin, who takes on National Trading Terms responsibilities, and AV division manager Biag Capasso, who takes on all national marketing responsibilities. IT and Communications division manager Darren Freeman will remain in his current role. All three will report to Retravision Northern chief executive Philip Scarff.