By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The cashed up marketing department at LG is set to launch a massive above the line advertising campaign throughout the final half of 2009. After a quiet first six months of the year, LG is investing heavily in new campaigns to support three premium product releases.

In an interview with, LG senior category marketing manager Stan Bilinski said the main message LG is communicating to potential consumers is that LG is a premium choice.

“The overarching message that we’re communicating through the individual campaigns is that LG has premium innovative products that improve people’s lives,” he said.

“We have above the line campaigns only for our premium products: French door fridge, Timemachine [a new TV with built-in PVR], steam washer and dryer.

“The message that consumers will hear about LG is that they’ve got premium, advanced high technology products that we’re launching for consumers.”

The main difference between this campaign and previous LG ventures is its focus on three key premium products. Bilinski hopes that by exposing consumers to the best LG has, consumers will investigate the whole range. It is, effectively, a trickle down approach.

Bilinski further explained the thinking behind this.

“Consumers already associate LG with a company that make lots of products; what we’re trying to do from a marketing point of view is to get the mass consumers exposed to our premium products, just to let them know that LG as a company does make some fantastic innovative products and we’re not just a jack of all trades.

“You walk into a store, you will see LG appliances everywhere, but the average person on the street will gradually start hearing the message from LG: that it’s a premium product company.”

LG’s advertising campaign for its Timemachine TV commenced this week, with ads airing regularly during the Tour de France coverage. The upcoming steam washer and dryer campaign will run from August to December 2009. There are no current specifics on when the French Door Fridge campaign will commence.